Head of Clay have been flat-out releasing killer rock tracks for the past two years, which brings us to their seventh single – Until Tomorrow.

The new single encapsulates the signature Head of Clay sound with emotive vocals, rocking guitars and of course an epic singalong chorus!!

 Until Tomorrow could be described as a throwback to the Aussie pub rock scene of the mid nineties, with its catchy as hell lyrics and wailing dirty guitars, but it presents a distinctively more polished sound, showcasing the bands musical progression.

All the makings of a modern rock classic.

Head of Clay are no strangers to confronting current social issues in their music and Until Tomorrow is no exception.

Bassist Walter Zamuner on the single. “ We wanted to highlight the risk that certain individuals take when trying to expose criminal/unethical activity for the benefit of society. Many times at the expense of their careers, families and in extreme cases their life. It focuses on the idea whether to confront these issues or to leave it until another day. It’s a somewhat critical take on what seems to be prevalent in our society today. The procrastination of coming to terms with issues, is what keeps them concealed and unresolved. This song challenges the notion to think about these issues now to invoke positive change, not tomorrow.”

Accompanying Until Tomorrow is a new video, produced by Ian Ritter in the bands home town of Melbourne and perfectly suits the vibe of the song with moody lighting, contrasted against a stark and expansive studio backdrop.

Until Tomorrow releases independently Friday April 15 and is available from all good online retailers and the Head of Clay Bandcamp Store.


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