Clay Melton and his band brought their A game to the famous Texaslistening room Dosey Doe. The goal was simple-present new musicto a live audience and record it at the same time. The recordingduties were handled by five time Grammy award winner for soundMalcolm Harper and the three camera shoot for the follow up videowas handled by Brandon Bond Films. In the end the ultimate goalwas to present radio with a combination rocking and slow bluescompilation complete with audience interaction. Today that realityis met and included with this one sheet are those very tracks. Tracktwo“Imaginary Traveler”kicked things into high gear with its strongback beat and heavy lead guitar solo. Track four“Runner”wasnoticeably a stand out as the audience reaction was over the top.The killer of the evening may well have been track eleven“DevilDon’t”a slow blues number that is right in there. Finally, Clay payshomage on the album to two regional influences that hit home withhim. Track three is Clay’s rendition of“Jesus Just Left Chicago”andtrack seven is Randy Newman’s“Louisiana1927”Clay has signed todo a sixteen city tour over the summer and the music from“Live InTexas”will be featured at each of those performances. Radio passesare available if the tour performs near you and you are in radio. To learn more about

Tracks & Times

  1. Intro .08
  2. Imaginary Traveler 3:23
  3. Jesus Just Left Chicago 4:24
  4. Runner 4:21
  5. Here I Go Again 4:41
  6. Mess 3:30
  7. Louisiana 1927 1:56
  8. Red Beans & Nice 2:36
  9. Excuses 4:30
  10. Goodbye….For Now 2:19
  11. Devil Don’t 5:59

Mixed by Sebastian Cure

Mastered by Kevin Butler

Produced by Clay Melton, Sebastian Cure, and Watchtower Entertainment

Press via John in Houston PR


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