Another interesting demo comes my way – I’ve been listening to some unique experimental stuff these, but ehh, the perks of being a reviewer. So, the band I’m listening to today is an electronic/ambient rock due between Casey Braugner from Portland, who is in charge of the instruments, producing and designing, and Steve More from Calgary, who is in charge of the vocals and songwriting.


Now, I’ve got 3 singles from their upcoming album, which is currently being worked on. Since we have those 3, let’s start with them:
‘Resurrection’ starts a bit more electronic than I thought, although you can’t hear the lyrics clearly if you do read them, you’d enjoy them like I did:

“Would the beast come out?
I think I should like to see him
I think I should like to meet him

Bring him to me”

It’s an extremely dark track with harsh vocals which suits the title “Resurrection” very well. The outro will stick with you for days.

The 2nd track ‘Drowning Man/Ocean Man’ I kind of didn’t grab the context of the song as much. but if it wasn’t meant to be depressing, well, you succeeded. It’s a 6-minute-long track and the more it progresses, the deeper it gets with the usage of vocals and instruments. It has lots of hopelessness in it. 4 minutes in, it gets awfully quiet and an agonizing scream comes out. Kudos to Steve who could handle those vocals.

The 3rd and final track I have here is ‘Let it Drip’. It’s not as depressive as the other two, but again it’s interestingly horrific. The usage of synths in this one was on point and unique.

To be completely honest, He Is Me isn’t my cup of tea, however, they are extremely talented men who’d recommend for listeners who are into their genre.

Written by: NJ Bakr