Ever heard a classic being re-played? Then how about a genre? An angry theme that belongs to the 80s, 90s era that has groovy riffs and sharp basslines.

Hailing from Denver, the solo project ‘International Furloughthat is frontlined by the multi-instrumentalist Ian Luddy released a hefty track titled “Haven” featuring drummer Ryan Elwood.

‘Haven’ begins with a hefty guitar riff alongside some groovy drumming that are later accompanied by the ‘megaphonic’ vocals giving the track a revolutionary vibe.

The basslines are unique and sharp and are super clear that it tickles your ears, a real 90’s signature alongside the heavy lyrical theme and the concept of being content and unable to blend in.

A new album is currently in the works to be released by ‘International Furloughbut there are no other information regarding the content of the album Ian is working on.

Haven’ is an ongoing D-tuned guitar riff that blasts the ears along with groovy drum lines and sharp bass that inflame the track all the way.