“Far away from all of this” is a two-piece experimental post-rock / alternative rock duo from Solothurn Switzerland, founded in 2017 and released two albums, the self-titled debut album in 2019 and “outward bound” in 2020. The two albums alternate between feeling alone on this planet and bursting free and feeling almost at home on a foreign planet.

They undoubtedly have their distinct style of playing splendid Rock music. “Haven” is similar when it comes to their earlier releases since the vibes in both albums’ songs are striking comparable, giving them their unique stamp.


You may listen till the 2:42 mark for a wonderful rock tune with warm fading vocals, or you can start at 2:43 till the end for an outstanding piece of music featuring a killer guitar and a terrific drum performance. Coming together, they tell an 8-minute story about a group that didn’t feel welcome in their world and assumed they wouldn’t anywhere else, only to be surprised by a bunch of strangers who make them believe that the universe still has some goodness in it. You’ll feel as you’re crashing on the unknowing planet with them, anxious about the odd environment and then suddenly melting with compassion.

If you ever feel like you are an outsider and you want to go far far away from the whole wide world, you need to listen to this song, because it’s going to take you to magical places, it’ll take you to a safe “Haven”.

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Viola Karmy