With a band name like Plastic Tofu…you’ve got my attention…and after listening to their latest single “Have Some Faith”…I’m completely hooked.

The band is basically a duo, consisting of Janusz Domaszuk and Andrew Pelletier… who are now working as a studio band, divided between Chicago and LA.

“Have Some Faith” has that punk rock attitude when it comes to the music composition and arrangement…and of course the energy!

Plastic Tofu likes to make music that tackles social problems in a very melodic and creative way to make new ways for a positive experience within the listener…and while the music has that punk attitude, it also connects with audiences that live through the 80s and 90s…their music has that vibe.

…and with “Have Some Faith”, Plastic Tofu searches for a new way in an ever-changing reality of life, pushing the boundaries and invoking great positivity within all who listen to it.

Wishing all the best to Plastic Tofu’s Janusz and Andrew…and looking forward to hearing more gems from them.