A fresh take on rock and roll…The Survival Code is all about energy and attitude…and with their latest “Haunted By Myself” this couldn’t be more true.

This is a rock duo with a mountainous epic sound…and that says so much for their talents as musicians, composers, arrangers and performers…what can you ask for more?

This duo of guitarist/vocal and drummer are an absolute joy and a flame of pure energy.

The guitar riffs are amazing both on choruses and during the verses…and the guitarist here is brilliant for playing extremely effective melodies during his singing parts in the verses…then unleashed an erupting volcano of heavy rock-attitude upon us…and we loved every bit of it.

Getting to the other part of the equation…the drummer…the brilliance here is he’s making it like there are a whole group of drummers…he’s melodic on the drums, he’s fast, he’s explosive, he’s unrelenting…he’s whatever he needs to be to make the song works.

Both of these awesome people are breaking new grounds and they’re taking us on this journey of exploration…and we love it.

Honestly, you’d think “what? Just two people playing hard/punk rock…that couldn’t be” and you’d be right…because The Survival Code doesn’t just play hard/punk rock, they perform, compose and delight us with amazing riffs, beats, melodies and catchy songs that will live with us for some time to come.

It’s a pleasure experiencing The Survival Code’s music and we literally can not wait to see what they release next. This is a highly recommended musical experience…and make sure to check out their body of work and their youtube channel to enjoy their creative music videos…

…psst…also check “So Serious”…it’s awesome too…

Wishing the lovely duo at The Survival Code all the best in life, they deserve it…and a lot more.