Hate Field is an Egyptian Industrial/ Symphonic Metal band that was formed by Alfi Hayati as his personal side project. The band released an EP last month entitled Jagerbomb.

The EP contains six tracks; five of them are originals and the last one is a cover for Dan Swano. The Titles of the tracks: ‘Jagerbomb’, ‘Kalkbreit’, ‘Praha’, ‘Laura’, ‘Angles Gone Wild’ and ‘Add Reality’ – The Dan Swano Cover.

The title of the album carries a name of an alcohol cocktail that gives you some power to overcome all your problems. This name reflects the topic of the album perfectly.

The theme of the album is about madness. Each one of us face a lot of problems and after this phase, we start searching for happiness even if we will search for it among small details which we ignored before. We hunt for happiness; everyone tries to hunt it with his way.

The music carries a lot of positive feelings; Happy effects, hopeful riffs, great solos, and powerful vocals. I sensed some oriental influences in the effects and some riffs especially in the second, the forth and the fifth track of the album. The harmony between instruments and effects was extremely high and great.

The recording process was perfect. This album is a big 8 out of 10.

Edited by: NJ Bakr