Hailing from London, the rocking duo Amnesiak are bringing dark heavy tunes with their own modern touch on their latest single Harm’s Way. Using their gloomy sound and deep-cutting words, Amnesiak are telling the tragic story of a woman unfortunately being sexually abused and killed by a stalker. Let me tell you more about it.

Amnesiak’s dark, haunting sound kicks in right at Harm’s Way’s intro as it opens with mysterious catchy melodies and powerful decisive vocals. Harm’s Way has a slow pace that adds an extra layer of heaviness to its doomy sound, led by irresistibly catchy vocals, pounding drumming, and fluid atmospheric riffs creating a big-sounding tune with a spacious structure that cleverly allow all the song’s elements to merge in such a melodic, heart-hitting stream that projects lots of strong emotions. Amnesiak cleverly steered their writing to create a changing, escalating structure that keeps the listeners hooked, while keeping their mood true and uncompromised creating a deep bond with the listeners through their authentic heartfelt melodies. 

Harm’s Way is a dark, emotional sonic journey that shows Amnesiak’s sense of melody and well-knowledge of their sound and direction. They managed to create a fluid streaming sound that smoothly carries the listeners with their flow while keeping them hooked by its sincere feelings, tight writing, and powerful vocals. Looking forward to more from Amnesiak, keep on rocking. Cheers!