Definitely, it makes a big difference when you check a band with experience and a band that has just instrument players! In fact, the band stunning musicianship can be easily felt throughout all their works, not on Harmony & Insanity. Well, let’s start with the music, I believe the song structure has the complement elements of metalcore but also blended with several influences from hard rock and heavy metal. The Roses Are Dead five dudes started back in 2017, and as they amazed us in previous releases like ‘Before I Fall‘ or ‘Drown,’ they come back again but this time full of melody, harmony, tightness and astonishing performance. I salute the band for choosing the beautiful voice of Darian Renee which had a great impact on the song output indeed. Well, I recommend you check the music video below and I believe also that you will be amazed like me by Tanner Gage Simpson video direction techniques. Feel the original metal vibes below!

Chatting with Alex Tighe from Roses Are Dead


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Mena Ezzat