With bouncy rhythms that compel you to vibe in, and joyful, warm vocals that have a little sarcastic tone to them, “Hard-wiring,” the second single from the debut EP “Things We Don’t Control,” is discussing one of the things that we don’t control, which is how relationships go. The lyrics depict the mind’s contradictory notions about why things have broken down, and the thought that “There’s things I’d like to say, and things I’d love to change,” but it’s probably too late because everything is over. And while reviewing what happened, there’s the realization that you haven’t been yourself sometimes and you have dressed in other personas to keep going, which is draining.

Listening to the single felt like hearing a story with Cormac’s naturel, beautiful vocals that felt like he was narrating what happened smoothly. To narrate a story that captivates the ears and heart, you need background music that complements the narrator’s voice and the story vibes. That’s exactly what the talented musician did with his music. It starts off uplifting with the energetic guitar riffs and the joyous fiddle, and perfectly goes along with the vocal ups and downs, ending the piece with a soothing melody, gentle vocals, and relatable sensations. 

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Viola Karmy