As they are teasing their upcoming debut EP, Australian rockers Patient Lounge dropped their 2nd single “Hard Truth” and it is one hell of a single that’ll make you instantly follow them. With lyrics that hit most of our faded hopes and dreams and heavy melodic riffs, Patient Lounge tackles how most of us lose our inner child along the “adulting” process.

 “We have too many friends who have given up on their dreams early and work jobs they fucking hate. This song is telling our inner child not to give up and not to follow in the footsteps of our mates that are miserable 5 days a week”  Zach Eather (Vocals)

With massive sound and melodic guitars “Hard Truth” kickstarts before it smoothly shifts into a more percussive progressive verse with well-written and arranged guitar work. The most exciting thing about “Hard Truth” is its entertaining unexpected structure, Patient Lounge managed to create an ever-changing multi-layered dynamic structure with a space for every instrument to shine. The guitars kept the melody and heaviness active throughout the mellow parts and the heavier ones with licks, shredding solos, and dense riffs, the fat groovy bassline added a lot of weight to the guitar riffs while keeping that significant groove alive, and the drummer played a magnificent role as he smoothly transitioned between the percussive groovy parts and the heavy pounding ones, creating one hell of a diverse drumline with lots of interesting enjoyable beats. 

“Hard Truth” is a total headbanger with artistic progressive elements that shows Patient Lounge’s musicianship and their top-notch songwriting skills. It has a smooth progression with catchy ups and downs and a sound that keeps on getting bigger and bigger. This is a promising single that’ll make me keep an eye on Patient Lounge waiting for their upcoming EP. Keep on rocking guys, cheers!