Many Country rock acts like The Byrds, Neil Young, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Allman Brothers Band, among many other iconic names were a big influence on our daily music life. Cris Mantello strikes again with his latest hit, ‘Hard Times.’ 

Cris starts a new path in his music career which is evolving a new path of arrangement and production process, and I believe he did it perfectly by doing a great mix between vintage and modern styles in just one iconic tune. The track is so catchy and you will just start swinging and feel the vibes easily through the catchy guitar riffs and the powerful drum beats. What I really love here is the chorus and how it’s so melodic along with his impressive vocal techniques. When it comes to the solo you will just lose it and jump off your chair and start to air-guitar yourself! Amazing indeed! 

The strength of this track and what really makes it a hit, isn’t only the music and the production process, but also the lyrical topic itself; think of it this way, that some people they just have one goal which is let you lose your own self-esteem and no confidence at all of yourself, have you faced it before? If you didn’t, at least you know someone who did already. Sadly, I faced this before when I was trying to reach my goal, so this song touched me personally indeed. Thank you, Cris! I cannot wait for your next rockin’ release. Feel the confidence below!