Most people hate open-ended novels because they leave you hanging there, not knowing what exactly happened. On the other hand, I adore it! Because it leaves some room for the imagination and lets your mind create your own scenario. The same may be said for music. Instrumental work is more free-spirited than songs with lyrics and vocals; there are no words limiting you to a specific experience or a voice transforming a feeling. There are only sensations translated into music, and it’s up to you to create the ideal mental scene. The Mäntsälä, Finland-based remarkable artist Perttu Leinonen, nailed to transform the image he had on mind with leaving the space to yours to recreate the warmest moments of reuniting with an old friend once again.

At first it felt sad, like it stated my mind in the times of losing a friend, losing touch, not meeting anymore, and having no part in each other’s lives, but at some point, it turns reliving like you feel their presence again. Every layer of overlapping melodies is expertly constructed into the composition. With cinematic feelings, the intro itself is breath-taking and drags you into the fantastic adventure. The Nordic humming was well-placed and an important component in making the song stand out. The beats were soothing, and the glitch mood added a nice touch, as did the effects like glass shattering, which seemed like unlocking a memory. At the end, with the help of all the elements that completed each other throughout the ten minutes to take my sensations from level to level, I felt heavy-hearted, longing, and eventually pleased.

Close your eyes and listen to the song below. Allow it to reach your deepest self.


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Viola Karmy



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