“Happiness” was brought us by Ed Roman. The artist who successfully gave us a ride on the colorful rainbow to the happy land. This ride is spectacularly made by the joyous music, bright lyrics, and outstanding vocals. The Award-winning singer/songwriter has outcome himself again, releasing this great single on October 1st.

The Pop, Country, Hip-hop intro will make you sway naturally, drawn a wide smile on your face. It reminded me somehow of the 90’s song “I Put a Spell on You”, and this track will undoubtedly put a spell on you as well! The sound of the electronic instruments along with acoustic guitar, and drum creates the most joyous rhythms. Ed’s vital vocals are absolutely ideal for bringing the lyrics he nailed writing it to life.

Whatever genre you prefer, you will mostly feel and enjoy the vibes in this single. It’s that song you hear, and the keep mumbling at as it stuck to your mind.
Do you want to experience happiness? Listen to the music below!

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Viola Karmy



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