SoCal artist, singer, songwriter, and producer Sam Feinstein takes us back to a groovier time, the 80s with all of its pop and rock glory…this is “Hamster Wheel”…get ready for a jump-dancing experience, it’s Sam’s latest single.

Sam does his solo work while also being a singer and bassist in a synth-pop band, The Monitors…so the artist is always working on the next great thing…also, a bit of trivia, The Monitors will be performing with Sam with the live shows and will also feature on his future releases…they do have a lot of sync between them, don’t miss out checking The Monitors.

You could say that “Hamster Wheel” is a kind of tribute from Sam to his band, as they have been on hiatus since the loss of one of the founding members, Sam Foreman…but they are at it again, once more, not giving up and actually…it could all be for their dear friend.

…now, joining forces is Patrick Mannon.

Sam describes “Hamster Wheel” as ‘for people who feel stuck in their jobs, media portrays a luxury, aspirational lifestyle as the norm, and most people, especially younger generations, just can’t live up to it, so this song gives voice to their frustrations’…

…a very insightful look at the way we live, more akin to a social commentary…but through great beats, energy, movement, and catchy vocal melodies…

“Hamster Wheel” is a fun, insightful, and entertaining fusion of synth-pop-rock mixed with a deep and thoughtful approach and a thought-provoking topic that will have people thinking… and feel relatable.

We wish all the best to Sam with his solo project and also with his band, The Monitors.

Can’t wait to hear and see Sam perform live.