HALLOWEEN! The long awaited night at the Ratsky 3 is an important flagstaff in the year 2013, in which heavy metal was reborn in the U.A.E. Holy Noise is like a resuscitative device, constantly defibrillating the huge mass that is the metalhead community. It’s nights like these that not only revive, but spawn the birth of new metalheads. Forgive my being honest with you, but I am one such diseased being.

What is a metal gig without its share of watchers, hecklers, bloopers, head-bangers and moshers? The Halloween Night had it all. Obviously, I was late for the gig, like always, and found that I missed the first set completely; being Maticrust. That, according to a couple in the crowd, was the biggest mistake I could’ve made, but well, nothing could be done. The place was packed; the pit in front of the stage was a battlefield and I couldn’t shirk the feeling of a certain amount of pride as I walked in and looked at the sheer volume present. Never before had I witnessed the hordes come out in these numbers before at the Ratsky 3.

I saw many familiar faces, and several unfamiliar ones. Ratsky 3 had gone the extra mile with the decorations as well, the whole ceiling was covered in cobwebs. DJ STORM, was pumping the classic metal tunes in between sets. There were people dressed up as the Pope, Vampires, SWAT, Aladins, Super Marios etc.

Tartarus took the stage and I could feel the anticipation in the air; it was about to get serious. Tartarus kicked it off with a bang and they really owned the stage. I personally hadn’t seen them live before, so I was a bit wary. But all doubts were put to rest first song into their setlist. Dubai’s black metal band certainly has a way of throwing those brutally grim metal riffs at you. It’s definitely a band I would like to keep a watch on and attend their performances again.

Thirsty fans rushed to the bar, emptying beer kegs and running up their tabs, giving them enough to take on the incoming assault.
Now came the moment everyone had come for: It was the return of homeland death metal darlings after nearly a year. Nervecell took the stage with a war cry from the crowd and a few hundred horns honking up at them, while ‘Anemic Assurgency’ played, waiting for the band to unleash its chaos.


Everyone braced themselves for what was about to come; and then ‘Flesh & Memories’ happened. The band kicked in full throttle and threw the crowd into some serious moshing and stage diving; the ensemble of instruments on stage were now the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Ratsky 3 had about 50 beer pints getting crushed on the pit floor in sync. Their staff was very cooperative with the crowd for the night. But nothing, was stopping these guys from showing their love to the band, the U.A.E’s dearest. The vocals were guttural and viscerally harrowing; just the way I like them, and finally justice was served to the metalheads of Dubai. At some point the band faced a problem with the monitors for Barney; which temporarily ran out of juice. But would this be enough to break the flow of the show? Hell no. When things got back to how they were supposed to be, the band went back to the last gear, and played tracks out of Psychogenocide, Preaching Venom and Human Chaos, which led to more stage diving and mosh pits. As Nervecell came to an end with their set, the crowd went up in a frenzy, demanding ‘Demolition’. A gig without that anthem was not going to be over. The crowd asked for it, and got what they asked for. It had been long overdue, but it was a real experience watching these guys ripp out those tracks back home.

And so the slaughter came to a close, a few last drinks were had. People began to disperse, all happy-like and a bit tipsy, but no amount of drinks can blur the memory of that night. Well done to the organisers and the bands involved. You make me proud to be a metalhead in Dubai!


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