Claire O'Reilly

The Spiritual Leaders, an Irish indie electronic collective, recently released “Hall of Mirrors,” which takes us on a journey to our past, digging up the insecurities we deny we have through coping, while making the ride vintage by bursting 90’s rock all over the song.

David Reilly, Fergus Brady, and Cathal Brady make up The Spiritual Leaders. Their latest single, “Hall of Mirrors,” is the finest invitation to their authentic musical realm, where retro sound meets fresh electronic flair. The song fits both millennials and Gen Z and expresses most of them. 

“Hall of Mirrors,” with its shimmering riffs, clean bass line, dynamic drumming, and sincere vocals, conveys the struggle of a person who tries to escape from his insecurities, yet it naturally keeps chasing them. They just look in the mirror and see the true colors they’re trying to paint over with their coping mechanism.

The song is driven by airy synth and passionate drumming, with the electric guitar giving it a kicky vibe. David Reilly’s voice gives the listening experience of an 80s song; it has this quality that makes it sound timeless. He sings passionately with a tuneful vocal line that aligns well with the instrumentation.

The lyrics are expressive and written profoundly, there’s no specific lyric that drew my attention; rather, the entire writing is captivating. The final component that made this single a complete piece of art is Anne O’Reilly’s artwork, which depicts the theme exquisitely and one being trapped. 

This hybrid nostalgic/futuristic take is part of the forthcoming album “This Fictional Place,” which will be out in 2023’s spring, so wait for more organic music!