Let’s cut to the chase, we’ve all been highly anticipating Halestorm’s third album. I personally couldn’t wait to listen to it and see what they had to offer this time. If you’re a fan of Hard Rock and you don’t know them, I recommend you to go listen to their two first records to know what I’m talking about. Afterwards, we can head to Into the Wild Life together.

One reason I couldn’t wait to check the album out is that their first two albums were both great, but were totally different. Both have same kind of music but different atmosphere, theme and a bit different in style. I was looking forward to a different direction in Into the Wild Life and I wasn’t disappointed.

Not only it is different from their previous albums, it’s also different in itself. To be clearer, you get different themes and style all throughout the album. There is badass heavy Halestorm-ishtracks like ‘Scream’, ‘Gonna Get Mine’, ‘I Like it Heavy’, ‘Mayhem’, ‘Apocalyptic’ and ‘Amen’. There are inspirational Ballad-esquetracks that hold a message like ‘I Am the Fire’, ‘Dear Daughter’ and ‘Bad Girls World’. Finally there are relationship-themed tracks like ‘New Modern Love’, ‘What Sober Couldn’t Say’ and ‘The Reckoning’.

Musically, we get different styles in their third release. From traditional Hard Rock tracks like ‘I Like It Heavy’ and ‘Amen’ to their own Modern Hard Rock style like ‘Mayhem’ and ‘Scream’, to Folk-ish laid-back like ‘New Modern Love’, to ‘Bad Girls World’ that came out of the 80’s. Just from those few examples, you can see that you’ll get a good variety on this album.

So, what do I think of Into the Wild Life? I loved it, yes but I didn’t fall in love with it. Some tracks I really love: ‘New Modern Love’, ‘Amen’, ‘I Like It Heavy’, ‘What Sober Couldn’t Say’ and ‘Jump the Gun’ from Deluxe Edition. There’s not a single track that I can say I dislike except for ‘Sick Individual’. I also loved the variety of styles and that we got to hear many sides of Halestorm musically and vocally. They can rock any style if you ask me. But I was waiting for something to blow my head away because I know the band is capable of that. I’m far from disappointed but I’m not dazzled either.

Edited by: Nehal A.Ali