After the success and praise their 1st single “‘100 Million Ways to Die” received, PolSky decided to drop their 2nd single “Halcyon Daze” as they prepare for their debut record that’ll be out in 2023 via Disruptive Element Music, one of the labels that are made by artists for artists aiming to help independent artists. PolSky was started by seasoned British songwriter and music producer Kris Warren who’s been a part of the music scene for quite some time, hardening his songwriting, production skills, and even his showmanship. PolSky described “Halcyon Daze” as

“The single and respective album were written in response to recent turbulent years – a time when existential anxiety and the idea of death have been lurking uneasily in our peripheral thoughts, with the message that once we find ways to acknowledge and accept these fears, we can take back control and start to re-write our futures”

So, let’s see how it goes,

“Halcyon Daze” kicks in with its hauntingly groovy main melody that’ll keep you moving throughout the song. I loved the innovative entertaining vocal melody and how it kept on progressing adding a catchy layer to the music, especially after that dark interlude around the 2:40 min mark and how it led smoothly and strongly to the outro with the well-layered vocal harmony. The music itself is well-crafted and apparently, they took their time in writing and tweaking it mixing goth rock melancholic groove with 80s pop beats in a smooth arrangement and dynamic changing structure which led to a remarkably entertaining tune with some deep emotional vibes.

“Halycon Daze” can easily get into your on-repeat playlist with its mix of upbeat moving melodies and subtle tint of emotional dark vibes. It’s pretty approachable to a wide range of audiences with its easy melodies and entertaining structure, I guess I’m gonna recommend this to everyone I know, looking forward to more from PolSky, cheers!


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