Alfie Johnson

Bag of Cans is a five-piece rocking band hailing from Norwich, UK. Mixing their influences with modern indie rock sound let’s check out what they have for us on their latest single “Hair of the Dog”

With a raw riff and old school guitar tone, opens “Hair of the Dog”. The introduction of the trombone (or maybe it’s a trumpet) with a contradicting melody and sound to the rawness of the riff gave it a cool twist. The bass dominated the verse with the backing vocal melody “Oh no it doesn’t do the trick” was memorable I kept on humming it for quite some time, and I think it did the trick!

The bridge and chorus are the song’s highlights for me, they’ve got a cool melody and groove to them and they’re catchy as hell. The guitar work is pretty enjoyable throughout the song from the first riff to the scattered cool melodies all over the song and the conversation that’s been going between guitar and trombone and finally, that rocking solo ending it on a high dynamic note. 

“Hair of the Dog” has old-school vibes all over it with its simple melody and straightforward structure, mixed with a modern indie rock touch that would be appealing to a wide range of audiences. Keep those coming guys, cheers!


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