E-PO’s latest single is a sizzling affair of pop punk with dramatic vocals, hot guitars, and an unforgettable hook.

Hailing from Birmingham, E-PO are a newly formed, 3-piece alternative rock band whose sound draws from the punk of Nothing but Thieves, along with the pop sensibilities of Paramore, and adding their own unique twist of the sound, creating something that’s quite fresh.

Guidelines is the title of their latest single. In their words “Fueled by anger and prompted by the tragedy of Sarah Everards’ murder”, Guidelines is a punchy song and the intent of its creation clearly shows in its riffs and performances. The piece is a powerful pop-punk anthem that stands in the face of sexism and discrimination, and with its ferocious drums, dirty, distorted guitars, and the terrific vocal performance of lead singer Dulcie Johnson, it’s a song that easily stands out.

Deliciously produced, the mix is gutsy and strong, making the guitar riffs sound heavy and present, and the drums roomy and massive, allowing the song’s simplistic composition to shine without ever feeling repetitive or predictable. The voice of Dulcie is memorable with its unique, stateswoman timbre, and her performance is soulful and heartfelt, with a ton of inflictions and voice breaks that are left purposely in, translating a very human feel to the whole vocal track, which sits at the front and center of the mix, right at the heart of the song.

Guidelines is rich and it easily stands out as a rich piece of punk-pop that’s loaded with intention, carrying a true and heartfelt message. The newly formed E-PO are in great shape with their performances being punchy and powerful, and their production choices sharp and in line with their vision for the song and its lyrics. E-PO’s Guidelines is well worth the attention.