With 9 albums and EPs up their sleeves and the 10th scheduled in early 2024, Saudi-based black metallers Al-Namrood dropped their latest EP Worship The Degenerate in April 2022, and today we’re going to take a glimpse of their sound as we review the 3rd song off that EP Guerillas, let me tell you how it goes. 

Al-Namrood wasted no time as they opened Guerrillas with relentless machinegun riffing and blast beats. They magically switch to some authentic Arabian percussions and a naii melody that were well-orchestrated and arranged within the guitars and drums in a way I’ve never imagined was possible, I never thought I’d be headbanging to that one day. Al-Namrood engaged in a hurricane of heavy yet melodic and groovy riffs mixed with some guttural dark vocals, while those percussions kept their place, fully integrated within Guerrillas‘ intensely dynamic structure. As we’re speaking about the song’s structure, I was impressed that they managed to keep it intense and heavy throughout all its shifts, even when it is relatively calm, Al-Namrood used that to create a build-up that fills the listener with anticipation until it peaks with neck-breaking headbanging. 

Al-Namrood breaks down their sound and background on Guerrillas, it shows their unique approach and well knowledge of their sound and vision. They are carefully mixing different elements, creating their very own sound without breaking out of their trve kvlt roots! Looking forward to more from Al-Namrood, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!