Tom Chiasson – Guitar / David St-Pierre – Drums / Jean-Philippe Lagacé – Vocals Dany Roberge – Bass, vocals / Guy-Pierre Genest – Guitar

The truth is what you get with Quebec City’s hardcore scene trailblazers Get The Shot – straight forward, no sugar coating. As brutal and cruel as reality can be, the ability to confront and overcome it depends on our ability to face it head-on. The band’s forthcoming new album, Merciless Destruction, drops October 7th via New Damage Records. Click here to pre-order now.

Today Get The Shot have shared the record’s latest single + accompanying music video, “Season of the Damned II.” The track serves as Merciless Destruction’s closer and follows previously released singles “Deathbound” (feat. Rob Watson), “Survival Denied,” “Bloodbather” (feat. Matthias Tarnath) and “Divination of Doom.”

Click here to stream the song via your preferred platform, released via New Damage Records.

“Anyone who’s been listening to our records for a while knows that the closing track of all our albums is different from the rest of the songs. It always has a more melodic and epic vibe. “Season of the Damned II” is no different and concludes the new record on a sublime yet sorrowful note.

Like the fire ends in ashes, the most violent record of the year had to close with the most tragic metal ballad.” Get The Shot

Merciless Destruction Tracklist:

1. Ultimate Warfare

2. Seeds of Dissention 

3. Survival Denied 

4. Deathbound (feat. Rob Watson) 

5. Bloodbather (feat. Matthias Tarnath) 

6. Reign in Blasphemy 

7. Terminal Slaughter 

8. Diablous Vobisucum

9. Divination of Doom 

10. Blind to Peace 

11. Season of the Damned II


September 17 –  Quebec City, QC @ Envol Macadam Fest

September 23-25 – Birmingham, AL @ Furnace Fest

Press via Auteur Research


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