Jane N’ The Jungle return with another fiery single that carries hard rock and metal all over its DNA. ‘GTFO’ is a heavy-handed, confrontational, and aggressive piece of music that’s fronted by the intimidating presence of one of today’s most talented rock frontwomen.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Jane N’ The Jungle is a group that originated as a garage rock outfit more than a decade ago, in 2013, by childhood friends Jordan White and Brian Dellis. The music of Jane N’ The Jungle can be easily summarized by their latest single ‘GTFO’. A song about greed in the American street and the harrowing issue of gun violence, ‘GTFO’ is a meaningful banger that fights fire with fire.


Dominated by distorted riffs and steady, rock-solid beats, ‘GTFO’ has an instrumental that’s textbook hard rock goodness, with nu metal, alternative, and grunge rock tendencies in the abrasive timbres of the guitars, and in the mesmerizing charisma of frontwoman Jordan White’s intoxicating delivery. Passionate, brash, and loud, White’s performance in ‘GTFO’ display her as a singer with an intensely standout character.

‘GTFO’ is a song about real world issues that is ready to break all stereotypes about a genre. The duo bring their entertaining, high-octane musicality and wrap it in a dynamic and melodic guise on ‘GTFO’ the most violent sounding song about ending actual violence.