Dirt Church is release for the reunited after 25 years Canadian punk/alternative rock band Groupoem. The band lineup is Terry “Rubberstone” Robinson on guitar; Marph “Mr. Science” on vocals; Chris “Flea” Lee on drums, and Darren “DK” Katamay on bass.

Dirt Church includes 18 tracks! Yes, I was kind of shocked with the amount of the tracks because it’s not something that you see often these days. However, when I started listening to the album, it didn’t feel too long or too heavy of a dose, but the opposite. The band’s release made me really curious to know more about them. I found that Dirt Church is like a compilation album for some unreleased songs from 1987 with new music material recorded recently. The first nine tracks are their new material, which they have been working on since 2013. This part of the album didn’t excite me that much really. It started to appeal for me from the tenth track ‘Skulls – Hey Judy’ till the end. At the point, I see the album take a lovely raw 80’s sound of indie punk sound. I’d like also to mention that I enjoyed in this part; the guitar sound, raw vocals, the melodic punk riffs, soloing and the fast drumming.

I believe that Groupoem‘s music in this album isn’t everyone’s style. But if you are looking for 80’s raw indie alternative sound with modern elements, then I would totally recommend this album for you.

Rating: 6/10.

Edited by: Bishoy Nader.