The hope for a sustainable future and a green environment begins with the awareness of its necessity for the survival of our race.

Of all the causes there are to inspire a track, bananas might not force you into paying much attention. But that is the shallow fact, as the track is merely about the absurdity of helping capitalistic corporations gain more wealth and power over our existence.

From Glasgow, UK hails “Speak Easy Circusreleasing a new track titled “Gros Michel” And yup! They are the tasty type of bananas that used to be produced back in the 70s but allegedly they cant be produced nowadays by major farming organizations.


Gros Michel” is nothing about bananas but it’s about the concept, the band firmly addresses “La Chiquita” the company that is responsible for producing nowadays “Cavendish” bananas while putting our lives at risk by poisoning the environment and causing birth disabilities with children as the band claims.

The track begins with clean guitar chords that are mashed with a jazz saxophone with hi-hat build up that completes the funky rhythms.

Gros Michel” sounds at first as if it’s a late 80’s classic with a funky beat and a Jazzy melody, along with the splendid echoing vocals that initiate the vibe of angry youngsters in the ball eras. 

The solo was freaking terrific and turned the track into a contemporary classic rock ballad and affiliates the angry youngsters’ vibe, especially the epic Jazz breakdown prior to the solo. 

Hope for a green clean environment is a necessity, and the change is imminent, but will the capitalistic organizations adhere to the voice of the people? Whatever the result is, reward yourself with a “Gros Michel”.