Today’s musical experience is a surprising one!

Let’s start with the story that inspired a part of it…

…a story about a man who lived on a nearby mountain with lots of pigs. They were his friends so he let them roam free, causing frequent conflict with the local authorities. He ended up starting his own political party, the Pig Party”

This is what inspired the Swedish band Slutavverkning to write the lyrics for their latest song “Grisar”, which translates to…”Pigs”.

Slutavverkning is a musical collective of some of the iconic musicians in the Swedish music scene…their members includes musicians that are either current or former members of Opeth, Candlemass, Fire! Orchestra and Dödsvarg…so we got big names and big talents here…

…now we need the firestarter…their passion to explore the uncharted…

…they got that too…

…and that took them to new musical worlds that sounded very fresh and unique.

They went for a noise rock/hardcore punk/acid jazz fusion that literally bends the genres and fuses them together to create a very exciting and new sounding musical experience.

“Grisar” is heavy…real heavy…the vocals are screaming, soaring and raspy…perfecto.

The guitars are unhinged, super heavy…

The drums are unrelenting, extremely powerful…

…and let’s not forget, there’s also a music video…a very artistic looking minimal black and white motion graphics visual experience.

…I will tell you how it felt when I heard “Grisar” for the first time…it felt like I’m watching a very artsy movie that is not afraid to explore where others are not able to…it’s visually striking, with the style and with the lack of color…it’s raw, it’s super edgy.

“Grisar” is a prime example of when musical experiences meets context…we know the story, we know the meaning of the song name…and then we have a saxophone solo that sounds like a squealing pig…that is a full experience…Slutavverkning always keeps you focusing on the subject at hand and maintains your immersion in the context.

This is a highly recommended experience to anyone who loves exploring unique heavy music, heavy screaming vocals and also visual people who like to see something new, fresh and edgy.

We can’t wait to see what the people at Slutavverkning will be releasing next…we can’t wait.

Wishing Slutavverkning all the best in their lives, they definitely deserve it…and a bit more.