Only two weeks after SUM41’s release of ‘WAR’ – read here, and three days after Green Day’s announcement of Revolution Radio tour dates, Punkheads receive yet another blessing as Green Day releases ‘Revolution Radio’, the title song of their upcoming album set to be released in 7th of Oct, haply,the same day SUM41 are also expected to release theirs. Another coincidence is that SUM41’s ‘WAR’ was also released two weeks after Green Day’s first single release, ‘BANG BANG’. It’s like they’re taking turns on their fans and it’s all too much to be considered just a coincidence. Too good as well.

Apart from the beautiful fact that it’s a Green Day song, the song gives an overwhelming “21st Century breakdown” vibe, as if it was written at that time, even Christian and Gloria – The boy and girl on 21st century breakdown album cover”- appear in the Lyric Video they just released on Facebook.


The song is heavily leaning towards punk rock, as part of Billie Joe’s New year’s resolution to “destroy the phrase pop-punk forever”. It has all the elements of a good ol’ punk rock song, the lyrical themes, the loud fast–paced music, the attitude in the vocal performance, everything. It’s your typical post “Warning” Green Day song. Just get 5 seconds of the song you will definitely know it’s a Green Day song.

So far, the two singles haven’t been able to meet the undoubtedly -totally reasonable- sky-high expectations of punk rock fans, some of them are even counting on this comeback to regain punk rock’s lost position in TV, Radio and music charts. The songs are just not that good of compensation to those last 4 years of total disappearance, but who knows? Maybe the album will be.

Finally, If you’re a Green Day fan, here’s a piece of advice, do not expect the song to completely overwhelm you the first time, give it time, it will take it’s time to grow on you then you’ll absolutely love it, just like what happened with ‘BANG BANG’.

Edited by: NJ Bakr