I’ve been going through the album for few days now. Demolicious is a very rich and a handful album that you cannot digest anywhere near quickly. First of all, you need to know that this is a compilation album that contains demos of Green Day‘s tracks, previously released in their official full length releases in addition to some unreleased tracks. The band describes the album saying “”This is how ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré! would have sounded if we were still on Lookout Records””. So it’s safe to say that the album offers another perspective of their music.

I have to say that the album starts out pretty good; the music is more direct and catchy.

You can hear each note clearly, and the musical sense completes every verse, chorus and break. The riffs are not so innovative and pretty much just what you usually find in any classic punk rock releases. The songs were really catchy; you can pretty much sing every song right after finishing them. All of this is really good and great. The atmosphere of the music is pretty much the same in most of the songs. The album is coherent and solid and the music would is awesome. It is a different angle of the band’s usual music. The music is more raw and for a collector’s taste, is certainly filled with great moments and memories. You can feel it in every transition, every guitar chord and every drumbeat. There were some awesome solos throughout the album in songs like ‘Sex, Drugs and Violence’ and ‘Nuclear Family’. The picky bass lines and intros are catchy. Like the one in ‘Stray Heart’ and ‘Baby Eyes’.

‘Oh love’ is by far the only song that stood out from the rest of the album. It has different construction and a slower pace. The kind of things that gets your feelings up for a song.

The only negative point I didn’t like in the whole album was the repetitiveness of the songs. The song structure of most of the tracks is pretty much the same. You don’t really hear anything new or feel anything different after a few tracks. In order not to feel bored while listening to the album, I had to pause many times and listen to anything else. Just to change the mood and get back into the same atmosphere. That is the one and only negative point in the album for me. The music is good, I want to listen to some more of it. And I’m definitely looking forward to future releases with hope that the band explores their sounds a lot more often.


Edited by: Ahmad Mostafa