The Italian power metal band, Great Master, unveils their latest music video, “Nest of Stone”. The track is the second single from their eagerly anticipated album, “Montecristo,” set to release on September 21st via Underground Symphony.

Directed by Maurizio Del Piccolo of Moviedel Italia production, the music video provides a tantalizing glimpse into Great Master’s upcoming album. Fans can enjoy the premiere of “Nest of Stone” on YouTube starting at noon today and listen to the song across all major digital platforms.

“Nest of stone” serves as a powerful ballad, drawing inspiration from the classic novel, “The Count of Monte Cristo.” The track tells the story of the protagonist, Edmond Dantes, in the phase of his life where he discovers that his beloved Mercedes has married one of his conspirators, Fernando Mondego. This revelation marks a turning point, extinguishing love from the Count’s heart and igniting a thirst for revenge.


As the band explains: “Nest of stone reveals the melancholy side of the Count of Monte Cristo, with his past memories which, as the song progresses, will give way to increasingly stronger and harder thoughts, in continuous growth until the final renunciation of his feelings.”

The band adds, “We are satisfied with the yield, both of the song and of the video. In our opinion they capture the complexity of the emotions that are at stake, of course, we leave the last word to our fans.”

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