The single opens with a furious guitar bonging and a resonating drumbeat that are ear-catching. The melodies and harmonies that started off soothing ascend heavily with striking electro guitars and solid drumming wrapped around them. The storytelling in the lyrics is smooth, poetic, and easy to picture in mind with a relevant existing memory or imaginable scene. It captures the coziness of companionship, happy, warm moments, acceptance, appreciation, and love. They delivered the ideal relationship goal with their passionate songwriting, exceptionally in lines like: “You cleaned up the mess I’d been sat with so long. You squeezed and you scrubbed the stench from all the things I’d done wrong.” The vocals bring the lyrics’ tenderness and the vivid musical arrangement together. It’s delicate, appealing, echoing, especially in the chorus, with an aimable, blissful tone.

“Greasy Thumbs” emits pleasant, endearing vibes with a potent attitude, thanks to its gripping rock riffs. It’s the first of three new tracks set to drop ahead of a busy spring and summer, so keep an eye on the band’s social media accounts to hear their distinct sound.


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Viola Karmy