Chris Mendoza

Having stomach butterflies, starting to fall for someone, being scared as hell of how much you’re drawn to them, all of these sensations that make your mind dizzy and your heart heat till it melts, are covered in Harlow’s Monkeys’ “Gravity” with solid storytelling

Harlow’s Monkeys is the musical project of Bay Area artist Tommy P, with Amanda Salguero on (Harmonies, Bass), Zeke Ketcham on (Additional Guitar), and Cory Harlin on (Drums). Their latest single, “Gravity,” has relevant lyrics to move your heart and a bouncy melody to move your body with its fingerpicking approach and the ear-gem of a dubstep drop.

The single kicks off lightly with bright guitar chords, and once Tommy’s soothing vocals enter, you’d think that this song was going to continue like the slow-tempo love song that you could sway slowly with your partner to, but it’s not! It progresses with superb guitar riffs, lush harmonies, upbeat drum-kicks, and the early mentioned dubstep drop that started as a joke from a friend, yet it adds tons of gravity to “Gravity.” Plus, you’re going to dance solo anyway, as the single portrays the sensation of being caught in someone’s magnetism with flawless storytelling that makes you visualize a cinematic scene, and Tommy’s passionate singing embodies the lyrics and the shaking from nervous feelings. 

Blending folk with rock, Harlow’s Monkeys produced “Gravity” to vibe with and relate to. And maybe a sign that it’s time to make a move! Start your technique by listening to the single below and sending it to the one who makes your heart skip a beat.

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