The expansive atmosphere of pulsing, vintage progressive rock created by Santa Claws on their latest single ‘Grain of Sand’ speaks in volumes of a band of capable musicians backed by a solid production, and it also tells of a band with a clear identity and a direction.

An independent rock outfit hailing from the French town of Guingamp, the band is back after a 6-year album silence since their latest drop Life is a Lie, produced by Greg Gordon, of Oasis, Supergrass, and Nick Cave fame. The second single from the band’s ‘…So Live and let lie’ is titled ‘Grain of Sand’, and with deep-hitting themes about existentialism and man’s need for conformity, Santa Claws are here to display a plethora of qualifications.

A solidly written piece of music with immersive, guitar-led atmospheres, a tapestry of interweaving vocal harmonies create a lush layer of voice on top of all the gritty, overdriven guitar work. With driving grooves, impactful chord movement, the aforementioned vocal intricacy, and with a fantastic production job, punchy, airy, and roomy, ‘Grain of Sand’ ascends to become a truly memorable piece of progressive rock that flirts with its vintage inspirations, while being steadfast in its identity, unique to Santa Claws three-piece formation.

‘Grain of Sand’ is meaningful, and entertaining. An adrenaline-rushing orchestra of guitar of voice pit on top of a cool groove that is never still. A display of a band deeply in love with their craft and their sound