The Chucky Trading Co act has owned my heart since I interviewed them back last year. I’ve also reviewed more than a song before, and it’s always such a pleasure to share my thoughts about their remarkable music. Chucky Trading Co is the result of a collaboration between CS Taber and Everett Young, and their latest release, “Grace,” is part of the touching 15-track album.

CS Taber has the capacity to steal hearts with his voice, stir emotions with his lyrics, and light up souls with his music. “Grace” is a song’s title and the feeling it spreads. It’s a song where CS Taber’s passionate songwriting and Everett Young’s well-crafted production combine to create a peaceful, amiable, and joyful atmosphere.

“Grace” features Folk, Soft Rock, and Country blend, soulful vocals, and indeed, a graceful arrangement. It starts off with ardent acoustic riffs that make one instantly want to dance. The entire composition is delightful and full of light, and it gives the song a vintage touch.

One of the splendors of CTC music is that there’s no element that overpowers the other; they are all precisely placed to combine in harmony, delivering a soothing tune.

I think, whatever the lyrics hold, the song will still give a pleasant vibe, but even the lyrics carry the most delicate words and tender sentiments. It’s like a love letter that you can hear and feel.

There’s a solo part that’s followed by the chorus with the affectionate vocals, along with some female voices that together create a mood lifter.

Chucky Trading Co’s music is diverse, but it all leaves you in a good mood and turns you into a devoted fan.


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