Ben Lazarus, a multi instrumentalist, song writer, blazing lead guitarist, recording and mixing engineer…I’m gonna take a break right here…

Ben hails from the San Fran bay area, and not just that, he made his mark on the bay by playing as lead guitarist in several well established bands, including “Stung Monkey”. 

He played and toured for 5 years as a lead guitarist, after that, he moved to LA and worked there as a production sound mixer for film and TV. 

Living the dream…but was he satisfied? Apparently, Ben had a lot to share with the world…a lot of music, songs and lyrics… 

For the next 15 years…he worked in the shadows, on his music and songs, he wrote and recorded his songs at his home, featuring his younger brother, Johnathan, on drums. 

Johnathan tragically took his own life in 2013, leaving his legacy of work living on and on…forever. 

Ben’s songs will always have a piece of Johnathan in them.

…there was a tsunami of singles that had been released from Ben in preparation for his upcoming album, still titled undetermined, but it’s getting ready…and in the oven…

Also, I have to mention that Ben signed with Napier Records, which is the label company founded by the academy award winning filmmaker Andrew Napier. 

The latest single in this stream is today’s highlight, “Got Me Wondering”…we can’t wait to start jumping right into the meat of things…well, why don’t we? 

The song starts strong with a double tracked powerful guitar riff…building up till the drums come in, and when that happens…a sweet explosion of energy and music collides and clashes and gets you in the mood. 

The bass line makes you groove…Johnathan’s drum playing makes you jump and shout…

“Go Me Wondering” starts out by presenting a catchy melodic vocal line, while building up to the chorus, which elevates the energy….and then it hits you! 

The “blazing guitar solo”! 

A well crafted, melodic and energetic guitar solo…that is always a very welcome addition to any song, who doesn’t just love a guitar solo? I don’t know! 

The song follows the ideology of “less is more”, and by that, it runs for about 2 minutes and 20 second…which was a surprise for me, as I usually see artists wanting to make 3, 4 or even 5 minutes songs…but Ben apparently wanted for us to experience his latest single “Got Me Wondering” as a strong shot of focused energy and liveliness…

…and I agree with you, you made a brave choice, that made me repeat the song several times! 

The lyrics…surprisingly, have a deeper meaning to things! 

Ben’s lyrics are chronicling the current trendy social media life that we live in…I didn’t expect that…a great job at taking a couple of jabs at the ‘fake’ standards that people live by nowadays… 

The song is catchy, energetic and deep…”Got Me Wondering” is the complete package. 

We wish all the best for Ben, because he deserves it…and a little more. 


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