Gorynov; an Egyptian thrash metal band that was formed back in 2013. The band has a lot of fans that called them one of the new blood bands in the Egyptian metal scene or one of the third generation bands with Absolution, Excimer and o
thers that recently joined the scene.

Gorynov released their first recorded track two months ago entitled ‘Divide And Conquer’. This track was performed live twice before its recording and it was represented in one of the videos which the band released on their official YouTube channel.

A lot of points attracted me during listening to the track, so let’s cover them one by one. The first point is the title of the track; ‘Divide And Conquer’ and the story behind it. Divide and conquer is a famous method any enemy used for invading any land, dividing its nation and having the upper hand. It was an excellent choice and an excellent subject to cover it in thrash music. The title, the lyrics and the band’s name, even the music are all on the same line, which the band sought around the war theme. It is happening now nationally and internationally.

The second point is the music. It was good. Every instrument player knew its role and its time, high harmony in music and high power. You will love headbanging on this track, powerful solo guitar, and the dark touches. Every riff reflected its owner’s character so I found a great mixture.

Third point is the riffs. The riffs were not fixed; they changed a lot to attract the listeners as much as possible.
Fourth point is the vocals. The vocals kinda made me confused. Like, really confused! Some parts were supposed to have stronger and higher pitch, however after few times of listening to the tracks I thought they were in excellent harmony in music. The band still has a lot of way to go and definitely more training, but in fact they were much better than before.

I think Gorynov did a good job and I give this track 8 out of 10. The track gained a great success; as it was played in some European Radios playlists.

Edited by: NJ Bakr