Toronto rock band, Goodnight Sunrise, was founded by Vanessa Vakharia (keytar, vocals) and David Kochberg (guitar, vocals) through a shared love of pop hooks and the raw power of classic rock. Since 2011, the band have taken their explosive live show to over 300 audiences across Canada, the US, and Europe, opening up for Bon Jovi, Big Wreck, and The Sheepdogs along the way.  

“Single All The Way” offers a unique perspective to the holiday season. Their original Christmas song goes full pop-punk, with a hint of holiday in the sleigh bells as percussion and some light festive-sounding samples. Inspired by romcoms, the doorbell at the end of the bridge and the sound of a plane taking off are an ode to Love Actually. Instead of believing that the only way to be happy during the holidays is to be in love, “Single All The Way” celebrates the joys of being single at Christmas.

Their dynamic third full-length album, Against All Odds, was released last month with a poignant mantra for the band and listeners – hard times come and go, but persistence and resilience can pay off when you believe in something deeply, including yourself. Produced by Brian Moncarz (Alice Cooper, Circa Survive), mastered by Brian Lucey (Green Day, Arctic Monkeys) and recorded with bassist Duncan Coutts and drummer Jason Pierce of Our Lady Peace. 

Stream and share their anti-romcom banger here.

Press via Auteur Research


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