Andrew Womack

Evan Isaac’s latest song, Good Plan, is a sensual, tender, and poetic tune that’s got all the elements that make a song stand out and pass the test of time. Evan hails from NYC, and his base of operation for this release was Wolfy and Rosie Tucker’s studio in LA. 

The song flows easily. Hovering around 3 minutes long, its slippery dynamics make it a pleasant experience to have. What makes a song essentially timeless always returns to a solid, catchy melody, a subtle composition that takes no excessive concentration to follow along, and an arrangement that’s thought out and executed with simplicity and elegance. Good Plan boasts all of that, and more.

The sweet vocal melody that comes and goes in short, minimal phrases is solidified by a beautiful tale of young love slipping away, told from a first-person perspective. The words are then perfectly complemented by the digestible chord progressions and their graceful momentum. The arrangement is a familiar indie rock one, with a rhythm guitar and a keyboard laying out the harmonic structure while the solid beat and simple (but effective) bassline form the rhythmic foundation. An all-around stunner.

Given the right publicity, Evan Isaac deserves a spot among Indie’s rising stars. With a sensational lyrical ability and an ear for wholesome melodies, and easy progressions, that are equally approachable, yet fun and original, we can easily recommend Evan’s music, and wish him all the possible success, while we wait for his upcoming songs.