“Good Girl” is the new sarcastic and humorous song from NY-based rockers The Underbites. The song is a mix of retro punk rock and hard rock styles that will appeal to fans of both new-school and old-school styles.

From a lyrical point of view, the song was meant to be sarcastic and have some comic relief…and it more than succeeded and that aim as it made me chuckle at so many points, but I was still able to take it seriously because of the sincerity of the vocal performance and how it paints a mental picture of the “good girl” in question here.

As far as the vocals are concerned, this is a purely punk track with some yelling/shouting and some nasality here and there. The best parts of the song are the subtle details that connect it to its punk roots and to the band’s well-known sound. Take for instance the added percussion that sounds like a clap during the chorus. The bassline is strong and ties the melodic elements with the rhythmic ones, the guitars have a touch of clarity thanks to the modern and clean production but the chord progression they’re playing is super nostalgic…it’s a fine balance that they have perfectly achieved with this song.

The cherry on top for me was the extended guitar solo that word-paints the vocal melody of the chorus and has some other parts that feel improvisational that it made me visualize this song being performed live- and I was in love with what I could see.

At the end of the day, the song has everything you’d expect from renowned rockers The Underbites but it also has some new elements and crystal clear production that makes all of its elements balanced. I would highly recommend this to people who are distant from punk and want a tight band to help them dig deeper into the genre.