Mystik Fool strikes again by releasing his 2nd single for the year “Gone with the Wind”, teasing the release of his upcoming album “Properties of Zero” with the promise that 2023 is going to be “the biggest year yet”.

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Mystik Fool is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Galen Deery. Inspired by Eastern spirituality and idealistic philosophy Mystik Fool has a message to share with the world promoting mental and emotional wellness by “living through love”. He mixes influences from a variety of genres including rock, reggae, pop, folk and progressive to cook up what he calls “Spirit Jam”. While on the other hand, his live performances are an experience on its own that can’t be missed as he performs as a one-man band building all the songs from scratch through a looping station, showcasing his phenomenal musical talent while giving his audience an interesting and engaging performance that they will hardly forget.

“Gone with the Wind” is a dynamic and progressive journey that encourages growth, change, and leaving the past behind to embrace a better future filled with freedom and love. Mystik Fool’s dynamic voice seamlessly fits every part of the song, transitioning between warm and soft and energetic and high notes throughout the track.

With the help of producer and drummer Jeff Martin, Mystik Fool delivers a 5-and-a-half-minute blissful experience that never has a dull moment. Throughout the song, ambient synths and resonating guitars provide depth to the soundscape, while the drums in the second verse add a groovy laid-back layer, setting the mood for the second chorus.

The lines “We have come to lift you up, Will you walk away or come with me” trigger the second chorus where the song becomes more energetic forcing the listener to sing along the lines “I’m gone with the wind, I’m never coming back again, Watch me fly, fly away” that will keep resonating in the listener’s ears even after the song ends. Mystik Fool’s guitar solo is melodic bliss, sprinkled with bends that touch the soul ending with a catchy guitar lick that triggers an interlude. Where he adds layers of vocals that mimic the melodies creating an even more energetic atmosphere, before going into the outro chorus.

Overall, “Gone with the Wind” is a captivating and dynamic song from Mystik Fool, showcasing his musical prowess and promising a bright future for the artist. His distinct blend of genres and philosophies is sure to attract a diverse range of listeners, making it a worthy addition to any playlist. Mystik Fool’s upcoming album release is definitely something to look forward to in 2023.