GOLDRIDGE is the pseudonym of Canadian alternative rock artist, Andrew Reinhardt. He takes elements of rock and roll and electronic music and combines them to tell stories of one’s ability to overcome obstacles and challenges that are faced daily.

Contrasting between uplifting lyrics and aggressive riffs/percussion, GOLDRIDGE‘s debut single, “WORTH IT,” reflects on the dynamic of healthy relationships. It’s about the ability for your partner to open up, inspire you, make you be the very best version of yourself that you can be, and in turn, for you to do the same for them.

“WORTH IT” was co-written and produced by Sam Arion of Canadian rock band Mute Choir, and features drums by Tay Ewarts from pop punk band, Like Pacific. The song pulls elements from rock, hip hop and electronic music.

“Sometimes relationships are like rolling the dice,” Reinhardt explains about the inspiration for the song. “No one wants to invest their time into something if they don’t think it’s going to last.”

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Press via Auteur Research