Did Empress manage to transform you into the ideal scene? Now let’s discuss your life choices! Between settling for love or chasing your dreams, following your emotional heart or your sensible mind, listening to your guts or to society, and being torn down between paths. It has never been easy to let the guard down for love, especially when the powerful self wants to run and discover what’s out there on its own. The Australia-based frontline doctor and a promising artist, Jade Empress, with the producer Max Mitchell, managed to make a moving track with heartfelt lyrics about that dilemma. “Golden Hours” is not another classic love song full of romance, it’s a honed story about another face of love; the face when falling in love doesn’t necessarily mean vulnerability, as love can bring power.

Like Lana Del Ray, Lorde, and Olivia Rodrigo, Jade Empress’s unique vocals have the ability to embody the melancholy and the affection in the lyrics effortlessly, wowing us. The instrumentals are creating the perfect peaceful, soothing atmosphere, which makes room for Empress’s vocals to stand out. The storytelling through the lyrics is smooth and in place, leaving you to relate to the lines such as “Been chasing my dreams for the runner’s high. ‘Cause if I ever stood still babe, I might just die,” if you ever resisted love in the name of pursing dreams.

It’s difficult to prioritise yourself over anything or anyone, but it’s always the best choice. Take advantage of the golden chance when it arises, and begin by listening to “Golden Hour” below:

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Viola Karmy