Artwork by Justine Kiely and David Young

Golden Feather of Hamilton, Ontario, are following up their recent yacht rock tune, “Awakenings,” with a bright and melodic new pop rock exploration of a long term relationship’s growing divide.

Written a few months before band member Bradley Germain separated from his wife of fifteen years, “Anything, Anymore” explores complex feelings of “confusion and disorientation at every turn” over upbeat and searching vocal and guitar lines whose major harmonies juxtapose the song’s subject matter.

Anything, Anymore” is taken from Golden Feather‘s upcoming debut album, Release, which will be out globally on September 20th.

I had felt the distance and disconnection grow, on a subconscious level. This song is the beginning, or process, of me reckoning with that feeling. I didn’t see it in my conscious mind. Although I felt her drifting away, turning to the mind and heart of another, I couldn’t admit that to myself outside of song. The muse was telling me that something was ending, and that something was beginning. – Bradley Germain of Golden Feather

Photo by Calm Elliott-Armstrong

Steven Kiely and Bradley Germain have been close friends for years, but had just finally gotten to writing music together in the early part of 2019. What started out as a weekly hang for the two in Brad’s basement recording demos, quickly turned into them having to find more like-minded musicians to help them bring their musical ideas to life.

The group was set to play its first show in March 2020 when the global pandemic hit, suddenly ending all hopes of live performance. Brad and Steve, along with bassist Ronson and guitarist Chris Wheeler worked on the songs remotely and ended up recording their debut EP, titled Light On Water, which was released in November 2020. Not long after the release of Light On Water, Gareth Inkster joined the group on keys to complete the original, definitive lineup.

Golden Feather has gone on to independently release the follow-up EP In Air in early 2022. Shortly after, the band signed a recording deal with Sonic Unyon Records in Hamilton, Ontario and released the Now & Then EP (September 2022) and the live album Welcome\\Release (June 2023) on that label.

Wheeler and the band amicably parted ways in January of 2023, and not long after, part-time guest saxophonist Murray Heaton joined the band as a full-time member. Seeing the band live is where you get to really see what they’re all about. It’s very much a two way transfer of energy between the crowd and the stage. They’re not afraid to explore their music and try new things out, especially in front of a live audience. Golden Feather shows are full of dancing, singalongs, and good vibes, something that has to be experienced for yourself to believe. Come watch the Feather Fly! 

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