My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House (MCGH) are a relatively fresh band from Philadelphia. Having started in 2020, the members themselves have deep roots in the Philly music scene. With a wide range of influences to pull from, their music has successfully ended up being relatively familiar, yet distinctly personal and unique. A fun blend of a less serious Green Day, and a more grounded Pile Of Mud, among many others. 

Going is the 3rd single of their album that’s about to drop. A heartfelt tune about a serious, personal issue that got handled in a lighthearted way to alleviate a bit of the edge off of the heaviness. After a Covid-inforced songwriting break, the band has returned with a nuanced sound that shows on the snappy production and the sharp arrangement and composition.

A song with multiple sections and a composition that constantly moves. Active and dynamic. The performances are also great, with a playful, quick beat that goes along gritty, overdriven rhythm guitar, and vocals that fall neatly in the musical pockets created by the rhythm section, having a sweet flow to them. A sudden shouted break followed by a manic guitar solo were fun, unexpected additions that -while the song was already exciting enough- were a welcome change of pace.

I will be on the lookout for a release date from MCGH regarding their coming LP. And if the songs are anywhere as catchy, buzzing, and entertaining, yet serious and meaningful as Going, then they will prove themselves as a serious and impressively talented band.