Godsmack is an American alternative metal band from Lawrence, Massachusetts, formed in 1995. The band is composed of founder, front man and songwriter Sully Erna, guitarist Tony Rombola, bassist Robbie Merrill, and drummer Shannon Larkin.

Since its formation, Godsmack has released 6 studio albums. The first was a self-titled album Godsmack, following it Awake then comes Faceless, and IV. Finally came out this year 1000HP which we humbly review for you .

And by the way, did you know that three tracks of Godsmack were nominated for the Grammy’s?
In 2001 Godsmack’s Song ‘Vampires’ was nominated for Best Rock Instrumental Performance. In 2003 their song ‘I Stand Alone’ was nominated in two categories and they are Best Rock Instrumental Performance and Best Rock Song. And in 2004 ‘Straight Out of Line’ was also nominated for Best Rock Instrumental Performance. As if Godsmack have made a contract with “Best Rock Instrumental Performance” award for 3 years!

Anyways, let’s get started to the actual review…
The first track of this album, you not only hear that “Vrrrrrm…” but you also feel it!
It gets you! It makes you feel the power and start to move up and act insanely!

The album’s first track ‘1000HP’ and also the name of the album is a brutal start! As if the band tells you to turn their album’s volume up and enjoy their music! Wise choice to start up the album with such song.

Press next to ‘FML’ as it starts with a quiet tone, and on a sudden BAAAM
Tony Rombola joins in with his heavy riff in association with the drummer Shannon Larkin and they hit you with the intro. As if Godsmake are telling you there is no break. You’ll need a new neck, no escape.

The following track ‘Something Different’, actually it didn’t seem “Different” in its music, but it is different in the lyrics and vocals, they kind of different than the first 2 tracks but the music is just so alike!

But on the other hand, a new way this song was written in, and sung too.
Next, comes ‘What’s Next’ – See what I did there? The tune in this track is kind of similar or just sounds like the tune of ‘Dead Seeds’ by Lamb Of God, that’s what I didn’t like about this one, is that the band made me feel like they’re not adding any new thing with this track.

The next track is called ‘Generation Day’. I liked the vocals in this song though I felt It was kind of corny and repeated but I liked it cause it fit the music of this song… The song is so emotional, so that it makes you feel it, and the most amazing thing about it is the breakdown. The breakdown is BRUTAL!!
Maybe it’s that’s the best track of this album.

‘Locked and Loaded’ God, what an intro! The intro makes you auto-headbang with no control! The music is exciting, however, the lyrics are weak for these guitar riffs and music.

Bounce to track number 7 ‘Living in the Gray’, I wondered if Godsmack bought a new microphone or knew how to work out a new microphone’s feature! That Faded voice is sung in almost half of songs up till now, I just want to figure why exactly! This thing had become boring a bit!
I almost have had it when ‘I Don’t Belong’ started. Most of the songs till now have that same tune! I don’t know what’s making them play all the songs with relative tunes!

‘Nothing Comes Easy’ had a good drum beat, and its also different from the others.
Comes next a really interesting track ‘Turning to Stone’ which starts with oriental drums and rhythms. There is a breakdown in this song, which also makes it kind of interesting than the previous tracks.

Aaaand, finally we come down to the last track of 1000hp.
This track is called ‘Life Is Good’. It started good, until it reached a moment when I found out that this song is contradicting the whole album. Most of the lyrical themes in the tracks in this album talks about problems or rough days in a man’s life or about hate or despair. So, if that’s true, you can’t end up with ‘Life Is Good’. It doesn’t make sense, don’t you think?

To conclude, I think the album is kind of redundant. You can almost listen to the same vocals and overall tunes over and over again.
Although their music is powerful, it makes you yawn at the same time. As they don’t present something new or something that takes your breath away!
Lack of solos. Where are the solo’s?! Are they renting the guitars for a limited usage or they were just busy so they haven’t added any solo? The longest solo didn’t exceed 30 seconds.

Lyrics are simple but they aren’t fresh, they didn’t add anything new. These lyrics or were already performed by Breaking Benjamin for example. If this band wants more fans, they got to do something extraordinary, something that the one doesn’t listen to everyday. Something that ears aren’t familiar with!

When I listened to it, I was ready for the 1000HP and I thought I might face a 1000HP but in fact I felt it was only 100HP. I had some expectations built on the album’s name and first track and made me feel that I’m going into a carnage or a battle of ultimate music, but it was only expectations, and just like a marketer’s words “If the product fell short for a costumer’s expectations, the costumer will be disappointed”.

Finally, if I’d rate that album on a scale of 1- 10, I would give it 5.5 or 6.
But let’s not forget the best track of this album, or at least in my humble opinion. The best track is ‘Generation Day’.

Edited by: NJ Bakr