A truly fresh sound is coming out of The Zaramutas’s latest single. Titled ‘Go!’, this release is a punchy and abrasive piece of imaginative alternative rock with clear leanings into the realms of experimental, industrial, and noise rock. An engaging amalgam of styles, creative to no end. 

A London based outfit, The Zaramutas are yet to drop their debut album later this year, but their sound comes already developed, polished, and ready to run over the unwary with its aggressive distorted guitar riffs and unabashedly, unreservedly abusive solos, and with the frontwoman’s unmatched vocal control that sees her effortlessly drilling a hole right through the dense mix and straight into the listener’s head. 

This structured piece of music introduced a new sound and a relatively fresh name onto the scene. We are trying to figure out which scene exactly that is, but with no luck. Indeed, The Zaramutas would make it with flying colors as a metal, experimental/industrial, or alt rock band. But the group are defiant to be defined by a single genre or style, which sees ‘Go!’ becoming a bit of a black horse that is free to roam wherever it may wish. And it does.

From the singer Olina’s fantastically opulent delivery, reserved and dripping with charisma, on top of the maddened guitar tones, riffs, and solos by Christos, to the lyrics that question the limits of oppressive relationships, ‘Go!’ has a sharp edge that got us delightfully hooked and ready for more.