It’s been a while since I wrote an album review, and I’m glad to be reviewing this EP by Gloriaday. Gloriaday is a hard rock band from France formed back in 2007. They have one EP entitled Every Night of Our Lives that contains 5 tracks.

The first track ‘Isn’t time? Isn’t Real?’ starts groovy with some “Oohs”. The riffs are quick and catchy. You’ll totally notice the French accent as the vocalist starts singing and throughout the rest of the EP.

‘Crossroads’ was a fun track to listen to. As from the title, you could listen to the track while driving, and bumping into your seat. The guys has some serious shortage in solos, it’s either too short, or just remixing o the intro. The outro in this track is very smart and memorable.

Moving on into the 3rd track – I’m enjoying my time listening to his French singing English – ‘I believe in you all’ is, how can I say it? A summery track; the song talks about colors, and jungle, the skies, and believing. Finally, a good solo! It got me moving my shoulders while typing. The drumbeat is quite, but steady and compliments the bass lines very well.

I genuinely love the intro of the 4rth track ‘All Night Long’. It’s a bit different from the rest of the tracks in this EP. Yes, it’s still fun and witty and works well as track to dance on, with your significant other ‘You make me dancing… All night Long’. – I know, there’s a grammatical error in this line – The drum line in this track is louder, and the riffs are heavier in harmony with the lead line. I played this track over 4 times; it’s pleasant to listen to.

The final track is ‘Autumn Song’. This would be the softest track in the album, and I guess they chose this in particular to end their EP; it could perfectly work as a love, sad song. Everything about the track is certainly soothing, the riffs, the drum line and the ending solo. Although it ended suddenly, I think it was a perfect ending.

I absolutely love those guys, and I browsed to discover more music, but sadly this was the only album they had released. This is a shout-out from me to Gloriaday requesting more music.