The LA-based headbangers Love Ghost drops Glock, another irresistible hit in collaboration with Mexican rapper Dan Garcia and produced by Eipi. While Love Ghost’s Finnegan Bell in Mexico working on new music with different artists there, Bell and Garcia decided to write a banger inspired by their mutual love of MMA and boxing resulting in the blasting tune we’re about to talk about.

Glock is a heavy pounding tune with unstoppable catchy flow, it sounds like nu metal’s natural modern evolution. Its diverse vocal deliveries fueled the energy and aggression with their dynamic shifts, with both offering different paths for banging anger relief in a raw powerful sound that drives the listeners crazy. I loved how it started from the top dynamically and even started building up from there, heading towards a big pounding sound that kept on getting heavier in an incredible progression with intense breakdowns. The production handled the mix of heavy crunchy riffs and blasting electronic beats cleverly, with each element being perfectly layered to be fully heard and digested, making its impact.

Glock is one hell of a rocking mix by Love Ghost and Dan Garcia with a remarkable production by Eipi, showing great passion and energy that’s easily channelled through music. Looking forward to more from you guys, keep on rocking. Cheers!