What do you want more than a hot chick, catchy riffs, and sexy rock atmosphere, nothing right? Same here really. The idea of the song came when the band was in a bar and the DJ was playing the Cramps hits, and two ladies started to dance incredibly on the song vibes “I imagined their glorious joy ride from hot to hot mess as Kitty Glitter.” – the band explained. “She’s older than she feels. She still looks good in heels!” as this line sums it up, the core of the band is based on the glamourous 70s era when all the vibes were just about glam and grunge attitude. Chris Williams the songwriter of the band is highly included by bands acts like Iggy, Bowie, Joey, Johnny, Blondie, The Cramps, Joy Division, among others who were a great influence on his music. Frankly, there was no negative feedback about the track, the song was well-written, well-presented, well-arranged, and well-filmed as well. The video itself took me on a journey back to the ’70s….and literally left me over there! The High 70s is one of the bands that I am very pleased to add to my 2021 library since everything is trendy these days!

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Mena Ezzat